Maintenance instructions for the Li-Ion battery

General advice and warnings:

Before plugging the battery into the gun, check the voltage. Do not use an undercharged battery during play and monitor the voltage with a voltage meter. After the first 2000 rounds have been fired, we recommend that you measure the battery.

Charging the Li-ion battery:

Our Li-ion and Li-pol batteries are charged with a charger designed for Li-pol batteries to Li-pol mode (nominal voltage is 3.7V per cell, so the maximum fully charged is 4.2V - 4.25V). Li-pol/Li-ion batteries 11.1V are marked on the charger 3S and 7.4V batteries are marked on the charger 2S . The charging current should correspond to the marked capacity of the battery (for example: a 1200mAh battery is charged at approximately 1.2A).

Our 2800mAh Li-ion batteries are recommended to be charged at 1.3A (the manufacturer normally states 2.8A and a maximum of 6A) and our 4200mAh batteries are recommended to be charged at 2A (but a maximum of 4.2A) in terms of lifetime considerations. Charging from storage mode (storage battery voltage of 3.6 - 3.8V per cell) should take no more than 1.5 hours. A battery discharged below 3V per cell may be damaged and we recommend contacting us.

Battery storage:

Store the battery in a non-combustible container. For storage longer than 3 days, we recommend storing the battery in a storage voltage (3.6 - 3.8V per cell), which will greatly extend the life of the battery. On good quality chargers, the storage mode is designed for this (11.1V = 3S or 7.4V = 2S), and the charge/discharge storage current of the chargers is typically 0.4A. A battery charged in this way, will last, without further recharging, 1/2 year.

Battery disposal:

Click here to learn how to dispose of the battery.