G&G ARP 556 by HellArms project CS 1.6

Record of shooting and result of ARP 556 modification by G&G.

  • The gun runs on a HellArms 11.1V 8400mAh Li-ion battery in the receiver and under the stock tube.
  • The muzzle velocity with 0.30g bls pellets is 108m/s, or 132m/s with 0.20g and 1.75J.
  • The target distance in the video is 50m, which is also the recommended shooting distance. The maximum effective range is about 60m.
  • Weapon cadence is about 32RPS
  • Shooting was done unsupported from a standing position.

The parts in the weapon are:

  • Teflon barrel KM Head 6,04mm 247mm
  • Hop-Up rubber TNT H.L.R. 60°
  • Hop-Up chamber ProWin
  • HellArms Omikron pressure roller
  • Mechabox G&G 1st GEN
  • HellArms POM 21,4 nozzle
  • Silent cylinder head Airsoft Parts
  • HellArms Soft Impact Sorbo Pad
  • ASG cylinder with bore for 300mm
  • HellArms piston head
  • POM Piston Retro Arms 3 Short Stroke
  • Guarder SP150 spring
  • HellArms recipe bearing combination
  • 15:1 HellArms 3 Short Stroke Hybrid gears
  • HellArms enlarged cam - brass
  • HellArms Extreme Reverse Latch
  • Grizzly Processor Unit Cabling + HellArms 1.5mm^2 flexible
  • ASG 35K Infinity motor
  • Specna Arms pistol grip
  • XT60 connector
  • Osprey Silencer
  • T1 Collimator